Hello, Sunday!

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It’s a beautiful day in SW Missouri.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue and the temp is in the 80s almost!

Well, it’s my mother’s birthday and I am not calling her.  Some people reading this probably wonder why I’m being such a bitch.  It’s like this….a person can only take so much of the “Don’t come over” and “Don’t call me for two weeks” and etc., etc., before she starts to feel totally rejected.  She claims to be sick, sometimes she is angry for strange reasons.  If a person is angry, get angry, let’s talk about it and then let’s get over it.  But no, she has to get angry and then tell me to go away.  Just like a child.  I’m not putting up with her childish behavior anymore. 

I had an awful thought this morning after church…what if my brother calls her and chews her out for upsetting me?  He has called her before and told her to “Behave and don’t cause problems” so it wouldn’t surprise me if he has done this or will do this.  My dh said it’s between the two of them if he does, for me not to worry, so I’ll try not to.


I hate feeling rejected and am tired of it.  Period.  I have no idea what to do now, though.  I suppose I’ll just sit and see if she eventually calls me.  One thing for sure, this is a topic for discussion next week when I see my therapist LOL

Onto other things….

I think I’m recovered from the weekend DCCW conference.  I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept like a rock and just now took an hour nap on the couch.  

Supper tonight (I HOPE) will be BBQ ribs and buttered potatoes and veggies.  My dh got called into the office and he’s still there.  He said he’ll probably be there “for a while”, whatever that means.  Hopefully he’ll come home and we can have supper together.  I’ll wait unti 6:00 and if he’s not home, put the BBQ ribs in the fridge for tomorrow and take ds to McDonald’s or Mazzio’s.  

Speaking of my ds, guess what he did?  MOWED the yard!  Not all three acres, but a big lot of it.  He looked like a big kid out there, it almost made me cry LOL  My dh says that by the end of this summer, ds will be probably doing the majority of the mowing.  I told ds to make sure he gets an increase in his allowance for all that mowing LOL

Okay, off to my Friends’ Page to see what’s new in the world.

~ Patty


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