Hello, it’s Tuesday!

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 Tomorrow is our Salad Luncheon Extravaganza at our church.  I’ll be there at 7:30 am until probably close to 3:00 pm.  It’s going to be a LOOOOONNNNGGGG day, but it’ll be fun and worthwhile.  This year, our PCCW has decided that we will donate 10% of our proceeds to the local Children’s Advocacy Center.  Hmmm, last year we made close to $1,200.00 and this year promises to bring in a lot of people!  The gal in charge of publicity mailed flyers to over 120 businesses in town (all Chamber of Commerce members).  Hopefully, we’ll have enough salads, brownies and cookies LOL

Today was a lazy day.  I took a nap in the morning and then played around on the computer for a while.  Then picked up ds from school, went to the YMCA (rode almost 7 miles on the recumbant bicycle!) and then went to the grocery store for salad fixings.  Went home and started working on one salad, when dh called and said that the tornado sirens were blaring, he was in a “safety zone” at work, and that me and ds need to get to the basement.  Well, SHOOT!  I hate tornadoes…..I went downstairs and asked ds to put the tv on a local station and then we watched to see what was going on.  The worst storm was south of here, but there was dark red in our area, too.  We sat and watched, ds cuddled up with me (he hates tornadoes), until the all-clear was given.  Then dh called and said let’s meet for dinner.  No argument from me!

Anyway, tonight at 7:00 pm we are meeting at the church hall to put out tables and chairs and to decorate.  Then I’ll go home and finish making my two salads!

~ Patty


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