It’s 10:00 am!

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I’m bushed!

So far this morning I have:

1.  Gotten ds up and out of bed, dressed and fed for school
2.  Dropped him off at school
3.  Ran home
4.  Ate quickly
5.  Scrubbed one bathroom from top to bottom
6.  Changed the sheets on all the beds
7.  Finished up one load of laundry and started a second
8.  Started up on my third load of laundry
9.  Staring at two more loads to do before the end of the day
10.  Took a shower because I was sweaty!

So you see why I am bushed.

Last night we didn’t have fish and potatoes and veg.  I totally forgot about the meeting at school, so we went out and will have the fish tonight.

The children displayed their Science Projects.  Very cute!  Someone actually had a hover-craft….not sure if they created it themselves or not, but it was fun and darned noisy LOL

My son’s project (with two other children) was about pennies and weight distribution across a plank.  Very interesting!

We never did stuff like that in grade school.  I wonder why not?

Anyway, that’s about all that’s going on….the dryer should stop soon and I should put the third load in and start my fourth…

OH and I called the bariatric center and they didn’t get the fax from my nephrologist.  So I called the nephrologist’s office, and she said she faxed it over to them last night at 5:00 pm but would do it again.  So I called the bariatric center and told them to watch for it.  I haven’t heard yet if they received it.  As soon as they do, we can set my appointments and surgery date!

~ Patty


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