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Last night was another rough night for me……..

I had queasiness all day and the worst hit around 9:30 pm when I started puking my guts up (sorry for TMI).  It lasted until 1:30 am and I am totally worn out.  I couldn’t even get out of bed to take Daniel to school until 9:30 am.  Luckily, though, he didn’t wake up and hear me (he would have gotten pretty upset if he had) since I was running to the hallway bathroom.  Oh, and he slept with me last night, poor kid, he’s been run through the wringer since Saturday night.  

This morning on our way to school, we saw one of the houses on Cleveland Avenue that had burned down….it wasn’t like that Saturday around 3:45 on our way to early church services, so it must have happened between then and today.  Wow, what a weekend.  Someone told me yesterday that TWO people were killed in the tornado that hit Purdy, MO on Saturday night.  There was a child in the ER on Saturday night with a broken arm and Daniel spoke with him; apparently he and his family got caught up in the weather and their van was TOSSED around and the child flew out of his seatbelt and that’s how his arm was broken.

We were in bed last night by 8:30 and he (Daniel) was out like a light.  I’m glad he was able to sleep in a bit this morning.  Tonight we’re going to bed early again – we won’t go to see Ron in the hospital today because it’s so far (an hour) and the price of gas is almost $3.50 and my SUV is a gas guzzler.  But I’ll let Daniel call him as soon as he gets out of school and then before bed.

I’m tired and am going to check out my Friends’ Page and then to rest for a while until I have to pick Daniel up from school.

~ Patty


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