When it Rains, it POURS

May 13, 2008 at 8:55 am | Posted in Bully, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

 As if there hasn’t been ENOUGH garbage to deal with this week……………….

Yesterday while at the grocery store (after school) my sweet 8-year old tells me that the bully tried to “break his arm” after recess, by twisting it.  OKAY, we are at the grocery store, standing right by the hotdogs and I’m about to LOSE MY MIND!  I asked for and received details and what struck me as the worst detail was the fact that he told his teacher IMMEDIATELY after it happened and she did NOTHING about it.

I had to calm down, finish my grocery shopping and drive and park before I was ready to call her.  Luckily she was still at school, so I asked her about the situation and she COULDN’T remember Daniel telling her anything!!!!!!!!!

He told me that he said, “B hurt me!” and she didn’t respond.

How can anyone NOT remember being told that they had been HURT by another child?!?

Okay, I was a teacher once-upon-a-time and I know you are being pulled in 100 different directions with 100 different things going on, but this is ridiculous.

I didn’t want to upset my hubby (who is still in the hospital and bored out of his mind) but knew that if I didn’t tell him myself and Daniel told him later on the phone, he’d get upset even more.  So I phoned him and let him know that I would be contacting the Parish Priest (who supervises the school also) and letting him know the situation.  Poor hubby WAS upset, but agreed that contacting Father D was the best thing to do.

So this morning after morning Mass, Father D and I spoke very briefly….I told him that this harrassment has been going on all year, that I have spoken with the teacher numerous times and that hubby and I had been in to see the principal but that yesterday, Daniel was INJURED.  He was visibly upset, told me to go to the principal immediately and ask her what she intends to do, that he had an appointment he couldn’t cancel, but that he would contact her afterwards and speak with her.

I spoke with the principal, she gave me this song and dance about not knowing what happened, that the boys were all together at the cafeteria and things seemed alright, so what was the problem again?!?

I almost started crying, I am so freaking STRESSED!  She then called Daniel from his class and got the facts from him and then she promised him (and me) that she would get the bully into her office and find out what happened, and then take care of it.  Whatever that means……..take care of it.  She hasn’t been taking care of SQUAT all year as far as this bully is concerned.

I realize that school is out on the 22nd and part of me wants to just walk away and say, “Summer will be here soon, let it go” but I won’t stand for my son being injured.  He told me that the B twisted his arm.  He also told me that he wanted to kick the B’s head and I agreed that feeling that way is alright but he couldn’t DO IT because that was being just as bad as the bully.

Anyway, that’s my morning so far……….

I called hubby in the hospital and updated him.  I will call Father D later on this afternoon and find out what he learned and what the “status” is on this.

Now I’m off to my Friends’ Page to find out what’s up in the rest of the world.


Can I go back to bed?  LOL

~ Patty


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