So the LOUSY MOTHER of the DAY Award goes to:

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(drum roll please!)


I feel like the worst Mama ever.

Daniel has been complaining for the past couple of weeks about a THING in his mouth that has been bothering him.  It looked like a small blister so I just told him we’d have the dentist check it out when we see him, leave it alone, yada yada yada.

SO today we get to the dentist, he goes back for his xrays and visit and then the nurse comes out to tell me that my son has an ABSESSED TOOTH that needs to be pulled TODAY.  Huh?  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  She told me what it would entail and the charges, and I signed the consent and they took care of him.  I asked her how badly it would hurt and she said they would numb him up really well and that he’d be done in about 20 minutes, to just relax.

RELAX?  I was so upset with myself and worried about how he was reacting, knowing that the dentist was about to pull his tooth out.  We were NOT planning on this happening today at all.  

I know that this is a great pediatric dentist, so I know he was in good hands, but I was still nervous.  After a few minutes, as promised, the nurse came out and called me back to see Daniel and talk with the dentist.  Daniel was sitting there with gauze in his mouth so he couldn’t talk but he mumbled at me and held up a small plastic box with his tooth in it LOL

He was pretty proud of himself.  Me, I was relieved that he didn’t hate me.

The dentist explained that it was a baby tooth and that it had a cavity that had been filled a couple of years ago and that evidently that traumatized the tooth and when the permanent tooth started pushing it out, that traumatized it even more, so the white blood cells started fighting like crazy, which destroyed one of the roots of the baby tooth, which caused the absess.  At least I think that’s what he said.

We kept the gauze on for about 20 minutes until we could get to Walgreens for some Motrin.  By then Daniel was starting to feel the numbness wear off…..

Went to Murphy’s Orchard on the way home for tomatoes and strawberries and he showed off his tooth and the hole in his mouth; went to my mom’s to give her the tomatoes and a share of the strawberries and once again, he got to show off the tooth and big hole in his mouth.

Called hubby and explained our exciting day….we ended up going out for Chinese since Daniel couldn’t eat much; he had egg drop soup and two bowls of ice cream.

He’s calmly watching television now.  He called a friend already to tell about his adventures with the dentist and to make plans to go bowling tomorrow.

Oy!  What a day!

Next time this child complains about something, I’m calling the doctor or dentist or whomever needs to be called!

Bad mama, bad bad mama!

~ Patty


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