Wednesday, Wednesday!

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We are at the local library this morning again.  My son has turned into a writer!  Yesterday while we were here he dictated a story for me to type and save on diskette.  It’s title is “SCARY” and yes, indeed, it is scary!  Now he is editing his story and told me that when I am finished playing around, he will need my assistance.

One of the things I told him yesterday that makes a good writer, something that an old college professor taught me, is that you must be a reader!  This was in a composition class, beginning writing, filled with a lot of bored freshmen…they just glared at him, while I was in my glory.  I love to read!  We had tons of books assigned to us that semester, and I think I still have them all LOL

Hubby told him last night that another thing a writer needs to do (besides read) is write, daily.  He encouraged our son to begin journalling.  Daniel has tried to do this in the past but couldn’t keep it up; maybe now he will try again?  I hope so!

We have to go into the city later on today….dentist appointment for Daniel.  He was scheduled to go in on JUNE 23 but alas, we had to cancel that one due to my surgery – and the next appointment was in August.  Well, since Daniel has been complaining of a tooth bothering him, I put him on the Call List and asked them to let us know if and when they had a cancellation.  Yesterday they called me while we were in the middle of the grocery store and said they had an available appointment for today, so we took it.

I’ve started reading Roxanne Hencke’s “Brewster” series.  Started last night with “After Anne” and so far it’s very good reading.

Okay, that’s it for now!

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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