Bowling & Billiards Today!

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Today Daniel and I picked up one of his best friends from school – and his older sister – and the four of us went to the bowling alley.  The kids bowled, drank a lot of pop and french fries with tons of ketchup, played video games and played billiards.  We were together for three hours and let me tell you, I am worn out LOL

Can I take a nap?

Anyway, they all had fun and that’s what matters.

On the way home, Daniel announced that HE wanted to fix dinner tonight, so we stopped off at the grocery store and got a few extras that he needed.  Hubby worked a bit late tonight, so we didn’t get started until 5:45 pm.

I was the sous chef for Daniel.  He commanded me to do certain jobs and I obeyed LOL

We had hamburgers fixed with A-1 sauce, all the usual condiments, plus Daniel’s special tomato and onion and garlic and basil and oregano and salt and pepper salsa (no jalapenos though).  I fixed a pitcher of iced tea for hubby and me.  

We had a nice dinner.  Hubby was very impressed with his son’s cooking and ate both of his burgers.  We had a discussion on how things are going to be different come Monday (when my liquid diet starts).  Even though I’m going to be sipping my meals and in-betweens, I will prepare food for my family.  They’re not going to get any more fried foods, though, and they will get more veggies and fruits.  Actually today I picked up some bing cherries at the store and we all had a bunch after dinner, so we’re starting early.

No more potato chips or Oreos or junk food….no more eating in front of the television (that’s a big one for all three of us)….I want my family to get healthy and stay that way.

I was telling hubby how the other day at the pool, I felt embarrassed to be so HUGE and that I told myself that next year, things would be so much better for me, physically and emotionally….I can get a new swimsuit for next summer and feel better about myself and not worry about embarrassing Daniel or myself by looking like a beached whale.

By this time next week, we should be heading home from our day-long appointment in Columbia….we should have met the surgeon and his entire team.  We’re driving down on Wednesday since the day starts at 7:45 in the morning.  Daniel gets to stay the night with a friend, lucky guy.

The 23rd is getting closer!  So is Monday, but I think I’m ready for it!

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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