Tuesday Evening

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Day Two of Liquid Diet.

My mom called first thing this morning to ask me a stupid question.  She asked, “ARE YOU HUNGRY?”


She claims to be supportive of me and my having surgery but then she calls me with a stupid question.  OF COURSE, I am feeling hungry.  I’ve barely eaten in the last 12+ hours.

Hubby says to ignore her.  So if she calls tomorrow, I’ll let the machine pick it up LOL

Went to the pool today for a few hours and got browner.  Me and Daniel were born with a head-start on our tans LOL

Got some sad news today while at the pool…one of the moms with children in our school has Stage Three breast cancer.  Her youngest (a boy) will be in 3rd grade this coming year and she has twin daughters who will be in 6th grade and her oldest daughter will be in 8th grade.  I am broken-hearted for them.  I hate cancer.  I will call her and offer support and see if there’s anything we can do to help out; one of the other moms at school is calling around and collecting money for gas and phone cards, since the oncologist and treatments will be in Springfield (one hour away from home).  We are so broke right now and having to pay for our own travel to and from Columbia (four hours away) but we can offer to help out with the children.  And of course, we will pray for her.

Went out for lunch today and had broth – yummy!  And then for supper to the Chinese restaurant and had won ton soup…..cheated and had three soupy won tons…..oh well.  For some reason, I feel FULLER after having broth than I do drinking my protein drinks.  Go figure.  Maybe it’s “in my head” or something.  Probably…..

Hubby is mowing, Daniel is planting a tree and I’m off to see what else is going on in the world.

We leave tomorrow around 4:00 for Columbia, will spend the night and come home late Thursday so I probably won’t post again until Friday!

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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