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I think I broke my TOE!  It’s purple and swollen and it HURTS!

Yesterday morning as I was flying out of bed to answer the phone, I bashed it against a hard plastic laundry basket that was sitting next to the bed.  Don’t ask me how I smashed just ONE toe and not all of them LOL but I did!

I can barely walk today and it hurts so bad.  I have a call into our family doc to see if she’ll see me and tell me if it’s broken or not.  I don’t know what she can DO to fix it, though, but hubby said to call her.

Great news, actually, we have FIVE DAYS until surgery!
MORE great news:  we have a new addition to our family! 
It’s a BOY!
He is 6 weeks old, gray with dark gray stripes and deep gray eyes.  He doesn’t weigh very much yet but he’s oh-SO-adorable and Daniel named him STRIPER.  His nickname is Stripey.
They were giving away Free Kittens at Walmart yesterday and Daniel fell in love.  He has promised to clean the cat boxes 3x a week and pay for any and all vet needs out of his own allowance for Striper.
I tried taking pics last night but this kitten is too darned fast LOL
Precious precious precious!  I will keep trying to take pics, I promise.
Meow!  Now we have THREE cats, which hubby is telling me is MORE than enough ^..^
~ Patty

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