How Many More Days?!?

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 OMG, it’s almost MONDAY!  Can you believe that it’s almost here?  I wrote a check (yes, I’m one of those obnoxious people who still writes checks; it’s a long story LOL)  at Walmart and had to date it 6/20/08 and almost FREAKED!  YAY!  I’m so excited!

Last night for dinner, I made spaghetti and sausage.  Used whole wheat pasta and the guys devoured it.  I wanted some so badly…… I stole ONE bite.

Our new Striper is adapting wonderfully.  Last night he was attacking our middle cat, Smokey LMAO!  He would prance sideways, with his back arched and bat at her!  He is SO tiny and she is HUGE compared to him and yet she was backing away from him as if she were afraid!  And Boots, our older Siamese, she won’t have anything to do with Stripey…..she just growls at him and then stalks away.  It will take her longer to fall for him. 

We are at the local library again.  I’ve got four books at home already checked out to read and so checked out four more today.  I’ll keep them at home for post-surgery.  In my closet, I’ve got a bunch of paperbacks I’ve been buying for $5 at Walmart over the past few months; from that selection, I’ll grab a few to take with me, just in case I feel like reading after surgery.  And yesterday I got myself a handheld Solitaire game for the same reason.  I know I’ll be walking the halls a lot in order to get out of the hospital, but still, there will be time to sit and just sit LOL

I need to check on my mom today; she hasn’t been feeling good and I don’t feel good leaving town knowing this.  She complains a LOT but lately she’s had a new host of complaints.  I’ve already called our family doc, but she can’t see her today.  Dr. P is just too busy and it’s Friday and she’s the only doc in the office.  So, after we leave her, Daniel and I will check in on her.

I need to also take pics of my dear sweet boy!  Yesterday we both went in for haircuts and mine is shorter and curlier (naturally, of course!) and he has a MOHAWK!  I swore the other day that I would never let him have such a thing, but while we were at Melissa’s he asked and begged and I swear I cannot tell that child “NO” so he got it.  And then he asked if he could have Melissa color it BLUE!  Ack!  This time the word “NO!” came swiftly and promptly LOL

Okay, off to my Friends’ Page!

~ Patty


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