Tuesday Afternoon

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Here we are, Tuesday afternoon, two days before school starts!

It’s another gorgeous day in the Ozarks.  The weather has been spoiling us, it’s been in the low 80s when it should be in the 90s and 100s.  I told hubby the other day that we’re gonna get punished next month, watch it be in the 100s for September LOL

We had lunch with hubby at his office cafeteria.  The guys had burgers and fries and I had salad bar.  Yummy!  I had a bite of macaroni salad, some cottage cheese and then some lettuce with sprouts, boiled egg, croutons, sunflower seeds and a dash of ranch dressing.  They had some raspberry vinegarette (SP?) but it was really THICK and I figured it had more calories than a dash of ranch (regular) so I skipped it.

Stopped at the butcher’s for some meat!  Ordered some lamb chops for tomorrow.  Daniel saw them on television and declared that he would like to try them, so we’ll have some on Friday.

Doing laundry…his new school clothes.

Hunting down recipes for fixing the lamb.  I love going to Allrecipes and hunting down recipes.  YUMMY!  I found a recipe that I will try, it’s for Lemon Herb Lamb Chops.  I need to get the chops tomorrow, along with a lemon or two for the marinade.

Anyway, that’s life for me right now.

~ Patty


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