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My car got totalled today.

I was driving home, minding my own business, heading south on the road next to the Walmart when a lady in a green Buick plowed right into me.  My light was green; she was in the turn lane, turning on a green light, but NO arrow.  My airbags both exploded and my glasses flew off my face…I think I screamed, I’m not sure.  I know I thought "SHIT, LADY!" as she plowed into me, but I’m not sure I said it out loud.

I was able to crawl out of my car (a 2000 Toyota Four Runner) and look at the damages (on shaky legs).  Finally someone helped me to sit on the curb and I called my hubby.  The fire truck, ambulances and police cars got there before he did.  I was "fine" for a while until I heard all the sirens, then I totally LOST it.  I was shaking and shivering and crying hysterically….

They towed my car away…my poor car!  And transported me to the local hospital for Xrays.  My right knee got bashed and is bruised a bit.  My left clavicle is bruised, too.  But thankfully nothing was broken.  I am very sore and the ER doc gave me a prescription for muscle relaxants.  He also gave me Tylenol 3 but I told hubby not to fill that one, since codeine gives me nightmares.

I’m home finally.  Hubby is mowing and Daniel is on his bike.  We go to Enterprise Leasing tomorrow for a rental.  We have to wait for the police report and insurnace companies before we can get a new car.

I’m relieved to be home and on the mend.

Crap, what a day!

~ Patty


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