Oh what a Day this has been!

September 18, 2008 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Emergency Room Visit | Leave a comment

First of all, I went to the doctor’s office to have my blood work done at 9:30.  After waiting 30 MINUTES, I go ask the receptionist if they’ve lost my file.  She goes back to check.  After a few moments, she returns to tell me that the lab tech is having troubles.  FINALLY the lab tech comes out to tell me that she CAN’T do the blood draws on me, that I’ll have to go to the local hospital.


So I go.

When I get there, their receptionist tells me that the paperwork I have isn’t an ORDER for bloodwork, and that she needs to contact the nurse at the bariatric center to have orders made and faxed back.

So I wait.

Finally, they get the fax and get me processed and sent to the lab.  Mind you, this is a FASTING lab, so I haven’t eaten all morning and by now it’s 10:30!  It takes two lab techs a few moments to gather up all the tubes they’ll need and then the hunt is on for the perfect vein!  I have very small veins, inherited from my Dad, thank you, Dad LOL

After a hunt of a few moments, they find one and we all three hold our breath until ALL the little tubes are filled.

11:00 am.  I’m STARVING by now so I run to Subway and have a mini ham & cheese sammy with a Coca Cola Icee.


Then I head home and do my laundry.

After a while, it’s time to pick up Daniel from school and go get his allergy shot.  We return home to find a message on the answering machine from the nurse at the bariatric center, telling me to RUSH to the ER because my potassium is at a CRITICAL LOW LEVEL and I need IV fluids with potassium.


I go to the ER after dropping off Daniel with my mom.  They admit me and take away my clothes and dress me in one of their designer gowns LOL and proceed to begin the hunt for the perfect vein.  Finally she jabs me with her needle and gets it in.  OUCH!

I sit and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  By now it’s nearly 4:45.

Finally a doc comes in and asks me why I’m there.


I explain to him what the bariatric nurse said and he laughs and says that I’m not in any danger, all I need is a potassium pill.  And his nurse gives me one with a bottle of water.

Just wait until tomorrow!  I’m calling the bariatric center to ask why they SCARED the heck out of me and sent me to the ER for a pill.  Wonder what this pill is going to cost me?!?


I get out of the hospital around 5:00, pick up my son and head home to start dinner.

My right arm, where I was going to get the IV is very very sore and bruised.  That nurse hurt me!

Oh what a day..

~ Patty


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