Another TIA and Another Trip to the ER

November 21, 2008 at 10:10 am | Posted in Emergency Room Visit | Leave a comment

The TIA started during Dr. Phil last night…..around 3:45 pm.  So I called Ron, we delivered my son to my mom and took off for the city.  Went directly into the ER/Trauma department and they did blood work and a CT scan and took the DVD we got from the hospital here at home (with the first CT scan and MRI).

Eventually the Trauma doc said that the blood work was fine and the CT scan was perfect and sent me home.  Part of me didn’t want to leave the security of the hospital but part of me wanted to RUN home and hide.  The Trauma doc said that he’s not positive about TIAs but that something they think about with "women my age" is Multiple Sclerosis.  I have a cousin with MS.  She inherited it from her mom, who is not a blood relative, but was related to me by marriage.  So it doesn’t officially run in the family.

Hubby and I stopped at Waffle House on the way home for pecan waffles.  Yum.

I had more tingly numb stuff once I was in bed but didn’t wake up hubby.

He’s taking off on Monday to drive me for the appointment and to see the doc with me.  He’s frustrated and concerned and wants answers, too.

I need to find a book about MS to do some research.  Wouldn’t it be showing up on BOTH sides of me and not just one?

~ Patty


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