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OMG, woke up this morning with a frog in my throat.  And more yellow gunk coming out of my nose.  Called the family doc, hoping that she’s phone in a new antibiotic for me but when the nurse called, they wanted me to come in to the office.  So there I went with my box of kleenex.

She gave me a shot in the rear and a new antibiotic and we discussed my troubles.  She gave me some Seroquel for my anxiety since I’m not sleeping.  Definitely wants me to follow up with the neurologist.  Wants me to calm down and not be so anxious.

Yeah, right.

Easier said than done.

Daniel told me last night that he was very scared last week while I was hospitalized.  And that he was still scared.  I tried to reassure him that the doctors are doing everything they can for me, that it might take time to find out exactly what’s wrong with me, but that they WILL help me ASAP.  Hopefully he’s reassured.  I’m trying to be!

Was all set last night to fix pork chops for dinner but wasn’t in the mood for them.  Or chicken.  So I opened a can of Prego Fresh Mushroom spaghetti sauce and fixed spaghetti instead.  And garlic bread.  Hubby says we can go out for steaks on Friday.

Oh yeah, at the doc’s office this morning weighed in at 160.0 STILL.  I swear I’ve been stuck at 160 for three weeks.  The nurse asked me my goal and when I said 120, she commented that I’d be just skin and bones at 120.  So, what’s your point, Penny? LOL

People amaze me.  Some have commented that I’m THIN.  At 160?  Not hardly!  But then I asked hubby about it and said that I must have been HORRIBLY obese before this for people to think I’m thin and he said, "Well, it was pretty bad."


But my BMI is 29.6 and I’m no longer morbidly obese or even obese.  I’m "overweight" and proud of it LOL

I need to get an order from the bariatric surgeon for my bloodwork….need to go to Columbia on January 2 for my 6-month follow up.

Anyway my mind is flying like 100 mph.  The joys of being manic?  Probably.

~ Patty

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