Monday Afternoon

December 8, 2008 at 1:57 pm | Posted in Christmas 2008, Eyeglasses, Weight Loss | Leave a comment

It’s been a busy morning.

No 8 am Mass, it’s tonight at 7 pm.

Went to the opthamologist for my check-up.  Thankfully my eyes are fine as far as the diabetes goes and there’s no sign of glaucoma (my mom has it, so they have to check me for it).  However, it was time to get new glasses!  Wow, have you priced frames lately?!?  The lens part was already expensive ($120 for bifocals) so I knew I would have to be careful with the frame price.  My mom found a very adorable pair (by Sophia Loren) that were $140!  Needless to say, I didn’t choose them.  The pair I ended up with are very cute, pink and the lenses are a bit smaller than the ones I’m in now.  They should be ready in 8-10 business days.  Total cost, $224.  I had to pay half-down and the other half is due when my glasses come in.

After the eye appointment, we returned to my mom’s and she ordered pizza.  I had 1 1/2 slice of Canadian bacon and mushroom.  Yum.  For dinner tonight, I’m fixing pork chops and stuffing and veggies.  I’m not crazy about pork chops since surgery for some reason, but I’ll have some.  Need the protein, y’know?

OH and great news!!!  I hit the 150s finally!  I had been stuck on 160 for about 3 weeks and was getting bummed.  This morning I took a chance and jumped on the scale and it was 159!  Woo!  Made my day!

At the local library right now, had to escape Daniel and order his last Christmas gifts.  I was here on Saturday to order his and mom’s and my brother’s family gifts but had forgotten to order Daniel’s robe and slippers.  So I left him with my mom and just took care of it.  Thank God for Amazon!  Everything came from them this year – except for the food basket I’m sending my brother and his family – that came from Harry and David.  Yum!  They always send us one, too, it’s pretty funny, some years we send each other the exact same basket LOL

Anyway, there’s one thing I need to get, from Walmart, they have Clue on sale for $10.  Need to pick that up tomorrow and deliver it to my mom’s for safekeeping.  Daniel hasn’t learned to snoop around for presents like my brother and I used to when we were kids.  But still, I’d feel safer if the game is at mom’s house.

~ Patty


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