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Just had a NON-SCALE VICTORY, a/k/a NSV and had to come post about it!

I needed another pair of jeans….my mom gave me a pair of size 18 that I’ve been wearing but they’re faded denim, not dressy or nice enough to wear to the Christmas luncheon that we are going to on Thursday (for the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks!).  So I decided to check the jeans out at the local Walmart.


Somehow, I skipped over size 16 and fit PERFECTLY in size 14!!!!!!!

I haven’t worn a size 14 since I met my hubby 22 years ago!


On a side-note, I saw my former neighbor there with his daughter.  He’s the one whose wife had gastric bypass surgery, lost a ton of weight, then decided she liked the partying life and walked away from her family (hubby and two teens).  He actually told my hubby NOT to let me have surgery because he was afraid I would leave like his wife did…..

Well, their divorce won’t be final until February 2009.  He is still broken-hearted over her leaving and hopes that she’ll change her mind and come home.  Poor guy.

He asked me how I was doing, remarked that I looked great and wanted to be sure that things are going well between me and hubby.  GRRRRR!  I would like to choke his soon-2-be ex-wife for hurting him so badly and for making him think that ANY wife who has wl surgery would leave her husband and family behind.

It was nice to see him again, anyways.

I finished Christmas shopping this morning too….got a board game (CLUE) for Daniel.  We love having Family Night and CLUE, JR. has been a fave, but hubby and I decided that Daniel was ready for the real CLUE.

Took my mom to Walmart, too.  She wanted to buy my jeans but I wouldn’t let her.  I had to warn her about Christmas this year, she always goes overboard on Daniel and hubby and me.  While at Walmart she picked up a really cool NERF target game which I know Daniel will love and she kept looking through the toys and I had to DRAG her out of that section LOL

Anyway, I’m at the local library, waiting for time to pick up Daniel from school.  Tonight starts basketball practice!  I’m fixing a chef salad for dinner, yum!  Picked up a really fresh French baguette to go along with it.  Need to go home and boil eggs and get everything ready so we can eat and then get to practice.

Whew!  I think that’s everything for now!

~ Patty


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