ANOTHER icy morning!

December 16, 2008 at 8:37 am | Posted in Weather | Leave a comment

No school today again! 

The radio stations typically announce school closings BUT this morning the one we listen to wasn’t announcing ANY.  So I called the DJ to ask about them and he said for me to check the computer.  Huh?  I’m not stomping downstairs and sitting at my computer and waiting for 15 minutes for it to get me to the website (I’m on dial-up and it takes forever!).  So I told him that I didn’t have a computer (OMG, I LIED!) and asked him to find out school on his list.  And he did.  Next time, I guess I’ll stomp downstairs and check the television….it might have been quicker and I wouldn’t have to lie again LOL

Daniel wanted muffins for breakfast again so I fixed triple-berry muffins (blueberry, raspberry and blackberry).  And he only ate one.  He hasn’t been eating well this week; I’m keeping an eye on him in case I need to call the doctor.

Hubby took my 4WD to work today again.  He told me last night that it was pretty slick.  According to Daniel, we got two inches of snow.  I don’t see any snow in the yard but I see that the road in front of our house is pure white.  I wouldn’t mind driving on snow, it’s this darned ICE that is so dangerous.

Okay, off to see what the rest of the world is up to!

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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