Day Three of ICE: Cabin Fever!!! Help!!!

December 17, 2008 at 2:17 pm | Posted in School!, Weather, Weight Loss | Leave a comment

Day three of no school.

We cleaned bathrooms and mopped today.  That’s how bored we are.  I tried to nap on the couch after lunch (spaghetti) but Daniel wouldn’t leave me alone.  Neither would two of our cats.  So I got up and am here now.  Promised Daniel we could play something when I’m finished.  Yesterday we played UNO and Yahtzee!  He kicked my butt at UNO and I got two Yahtzees! during our game so I kicked his butt and now we’re even.

I think hubby has a feeling that we’ve got cabin fever because he called earlier and said he’d take us out for dinner.  He also remarked that the ice is melting off the building tops at work, but that we’re supposed to get more sleet tonight and tomorrow morning.  Looks like Daniel will get the entire week off….

It’s cold!  I’m wearing my sweats and they keep me warm but I swear I don’t have all the body fat that I used to and since I’ve lost that insulation, I’m colder than ever before LOL

I’m going to ask hubby to take me to the library tonight, there’s a book in that they’re holding for me.  I’ve got parts 2 and 3 and need part 1.

That’s it for now….

~ Patty


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