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My little one is sick again.  He’s had a sore throat since Saturday and a cough.  Well, this morning he was coughing and complaining that his chest hurt.  And since his coughs typically turn to bronchitis and then pneumonia, I called the doctor.  Our family doctor is out on Mondays, but thankfully she’s got a new nurse practitioner, so we went in to see her.  Yeppers, he’s got an upper respiratory infection.  She gave him Zythromax (sp?).  He had some Ramen noodles for lunch and just took a Pepto Bismo tablet because he said his tummy hurts.  I hope he’s feeling better soon.

I cleaned some more this morning…the stove top.  Need to set the oven cleaner to self-clean tonight.  Also need to give the kitchen floor a good mopping.  I hate mopping but Daniel likes to do it, so maybe he’ll do it tomorrow for me.  I never dreamed I’d have a child who LIKES to do housework!

So far the cats haven’t knocked over the Christmas tree.  They play under it and chase each other around it, but they’ve left it and the ornaments alone.

Daniel put garland (silver) on the stair railing and of course, they are having fun with that.  He’s had to re-wrap it a few times and I’ve told him he’d have to keep doing it because they LOVE it.  Just hope that they don’t actually eat any of it, because it could make them very sick.

Well, off to see what’s new in the rest of the world.

~ Patty


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