I’m annoyed (again)

December 28, 2008 at 7:13 pm | Posted in Dental Appointment, Supper, Uncategorized, Weather | Leave a comment

Woke up this morning with ANOTHER sinus infection.  My left ear aches something fierce and my throat feels as if it’s on fire.  Didn’t want to go to Urgent Care since last time they gave me an antibiotic that didn’t help at all.  Tomorrow my family doctor isn’t in her office but her nurse practitioner will be in, so I’ll go see her.  Hopefully she can get me fixed up since I have to travel on Thursday and Friday by myself.

My 6-month check-up is on Friday morning.  I already have my hotel reservation for Thursday night.  Sometimes I wish my bariatric surgeon’s office wasn’t 4 hours away!  Hopefully the roads will be clear and we won’t have any bad weather.

No more tornadoes yesterday.  It just rained a lot.

We just played another game of CLUE.  Santa brought it for Christmas.  It’s more complicated than CLUE, JR., but it’s fun.

For dinner we went out since I was napping and overslept.  Hubby woke me up at 4:40 wondering about dinner.  I needed to nap, felt so tired and yucky from this sinus infection.

Tomorrow Daniel is going to the dentist.  Good thing he has an appointment already!  He chipped a tooth on Christmas Day and has been needing Motrin for the pain.  Hopefully I can get in to see the nurse practitioner early enough to still take him to his appointment.

~ Patty


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