Monday Evening

January 5, 2009 at 6:12 pm | Posted in Doctor Appointment, School! | Leave a comment

Well my job application is complete.  Just need to take it in tomorrow!

Just finished dinner.  Meatloaf, macaroni and cheese (out of a box, I was lazy tonight) and mixed veggies.

Daniel and hubby are upstairs working on homework – division.  I do not do math so am freed from homework duty!

Still haven’t heard details about my uncle’s funeral.  Hopefully my Uncle Bob will be calling my mom sometime tonight to let us know when the rosary and funeral are.

My mom sounds pretty upset over the phone whenever we speak; it’s hard for her, losing her brother-in-law so soon after losing her sister this past summer.  Her two older brothers had heart problems over the summer, too, so she’s really facing a lot.  None of us are leaving this place alive, but it’s hard to deal with up-front.

My arms are sore; forgot to post earlier that I had to go in for my B-12 shot and to have blood taken to test my potassium level.  The lab tech who typically has to jab me 100 times wasn’t there today (she’s still on maternity leave), so the doctor’s nurse jabbed me.  And missed!  She called the doctor to come in and jab me herself.  It took her two tries!  So I’ve got a hole from my B-12 shot plus 3 more holes from where they jabbed me for the blood!  I’ve got bandages on both arms LOL

Hopefully my potassium level is still good!

~ Patty


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