Wednseday Night…what’cha doin’??

February 18, 2009 at 7:46 pm | Posted in Daniel's Own Creation, Supper, Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Me, I’m just sitting around when I should be folding clothes.  I’ve got a laundry basket that’s overflowing with underwear and socks and it’s in the rocking chair upstairs waiting for me.  It’s going to have a long wait.

Dinner tonight was fried chicken wings, smashed potatoes and corn.  Daniel wanted gravy for the smashed potatotes but I didn’t make any.  I told him that gravy is too many calories and too much fat, that none of us need the extra calories or fat.  He was disappointed.  Tomorrow I have to work and will make sloppy joes when I get home.  I work on Friday too; will put three baking potatoes in the oven in the morning and set the timer to start them around 5 pm, so that when I get home around 6:20 they’ll be finished and all I’ll have to do is put the ribeye steaks under the broiler.

Daniel wants to cook EVERY Saturday so I’m going to let him.  I had already planned to make a ham casserole but I can make it on Sunday evening.  As long as he is willing to determine what he’s going to make, check the pantry and make his grocery list accordingly, I’ll get what he needs (within reason, of course).  He fixed dinner on Monday and it was pretty good.  We’ll see what he comes up with for Saturday.

~ Patty


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