Wednesday Evening Musings

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Yes, it’s Wednesday.  Finally.  I thought it’d never get here.

My hubby finally got released from the hospital on Monday morning.  It was almost noon, actually.  He was ready to go by 8 am and they said that if his fever was gone and his blood work came back fine, he’d be released in the morning.  The morning was ALMOST over by the time he got wheeled out the front door.  Let me tell you, it’s good to have him home again.

He found out that his ulcer was caused by the H. Pylori bacteria.  He’s on TWO heavy-duty antibiotics now.  The doctor thinks that this will clear up the bad bacteria and he shouldn’t have any relapses.  THANK YOU, GOD!

We three just want things back to NORMAL, please.

Today was my day off and I ran errands all day.  Got my hair colored and cut…pretty red and pretty short.  Got paperwork signed to get Daniel tested for dyslexia.  The good news is that they’ll go to his school to test him and I won’t have to take him out of school and travel into town for the testing.  So he shouldn’t miss much of class.  Already filled out pre-enrollment forms for next year and paid our $100 and signed up for the automatic payments out of my checking account.

Dinner tonight was a disaster.  Found a recipe for "Beef & Corn Casserole" at and it was terrible.  Threw away the recipe and promised that I would never fix that again LOL

Daniel went to AWANA with the neighbor girl.  He’s due to come home in about half an hour.  He’s out of school now (for Easter break!) until Tuesday.  Lucky kid!

Ron might get to go back to work on Monday, it depends on his blood work from today.

I got my B12 shot today and had blood taken so they could test my Potassium; it was low AGAIN last Tuesday.

Can we have NORMAL, please?!?

~ Patty


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