Rant! Rant! Rant!

April 19, 2009 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Work | Leave a comment

Okay, so I started my job on January 20 and have been having a really good time with the people I work for (the library patrons), especially the children. I’m the children’s coordinator at a branch; only two of us work there, me and my supervisor, TC.

My problem is TC. She is the stereotypical spinster librarian. No warm fuzzies or smiles. She barely speaks to me. She likes to yell at me when I mess up, however. And she’s gotten on my case in front of the patrons (which she denies).

I’ve gone to my Director and almost cried over this. My Director wanted to go to TC and speak to her but I decided to do it myself. Well, it was hard. TC didn’t say much but got defensive and said that it wasn’t personal, that she did like me and didn’t mean anything by her behavior.

Things were peaceful for a couple of weeks but now things are back to “normal” and here’s an example….y’know how my dh was very sick and in the hospital? On Tuesday when I went back in to work, I was there for 2 1/2 HOURS before TC asked me how my family was doing. She doesn’t even know his NAME and I’ve talked about him and ds often.

There is a job opening at another library branch and I’m going to apply for it tomorrow. My heart is broken over leaving my patrons and friends but I can not work for this lady anymore

The position is also part-time, from 3-7 and every other Sat. I wouldn’t be a children’s coordinator anymore but that’s alright. We are going to build a bigger main branch of the library and maybe something better will open up for me then.

If I get this position, my heart ACHES for the next person hired in My boss KNOWS how TC is, I’ve told her and told her over and over that I’ve tried to get along but don’t know what to do. I am warm and fuzzy and happy and friendly and this chick is NOT. It’s not fun to be around her, the patrons don’t like her, I don’t know why they can’t fire her Well, she’s been there 4 years, she used to teach Kindergarten (poor kids!).

I’m just all messed up. I love working with the public, I’m that kind of person, kwim? I don’t NEED to work, but the $$ is fun to have. I don’t need the stress of being yelled at over stupid things, like forgetting to snip off part of a piece of paper before filing it in a drawer or not initialling that I’ve read a notebook she likes to write in

Gee look at all the in this post….I’m NOT a negative person, you all KNOW that about me! But TC makes me

Should I leave? She’s 57 years old, she’s NOT going to change and I REFUSE TO become like her!

~ Patty


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