I’m back!

June 14, 2009 at 7:00 pm | Posted in I'm a Foodie!, Tween, Weight Loss | Leave a comment

We’re back from church.  They had BBQ and cole slaw and beans and bread.  Oh, and dessert and lemonade (powdered stuff, not the real thing).  I ate a cookie.  Thankfully I didn’t DUMP because of the cookie.

My weight has stalled at 140.  I know it’s because I haven’t been exercising.  I go back to my gynecologist on Wednesday and I’ll have to ask him when I can return to the YMCA and go back to spinning.  Oh and also I’m probably stuck because I’ve been nibbling on banana nut bread LOL

The other day I noticed that my four bananas were very ripe and so I boogied to Walmart and found some black walnuts and made a loaf of banana nut bread and it turned out wonderfully delicious.  So I’ve been having it for breakfast and snack.  Like I’m supposed to have snacks? NOT!

Anyway, I need to grab clothes out of the dryer and toss some jeans into the dryer but am feeling lazy, so maybe I’ll do it before I head upstairs.

Daniel is pouting today…he’s been GROUNDED since this morning and is not a happy camper.  Yesterday I looked for him outside and couldn’t find him.  He is allowed to ride his bike on our road but no further.  Well, if he is on the corner of our road and the next, we are able to see him.  But I couldn’t see him.  And couldn’t find him for over 5 minutes.  So naturally, I freaked.  Called hubby (he was at work) and told him I was heading out to find the child, when lo and behold, the child appears at the end of the driveway.  I yelled at him.  Loudly.  By the time he was in the house, we were both in tears.  I told him that he was GROUNDED and I was so MAD at him for scaring me.  He claims he was on the corner with a friend but I didn’t see him and both hubby and I KNOW that we should be able to SEE HIM from our driveway.

Sheesh.  I was so scared that he was DEAD in a ditch and he was around the corner playing around with an older boy.  I could have killed him myself.

Anyway after he showered, we hugged and he was pretty upset at having upset me.  Then he was upset over being grounded.

Life is hard when you are 10!

Hmmmm, I wonder if I need a snack….banana nut bread is calling my name.

~ Patty


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