So this was Wednesday…

June 17, 2009 at 6:43 pm | Posted in Hysterectomy, Work | Leave a comment

and I went to the gynecologist for my 3-week checkup.  He said everything was great, that the pathology report was perfect:  no cancer.  My ovary was enlarged, yes, but it wasn’t cancerous.  Just one of those things that happens for no reason.  Hmmmm.  Okay.  Anyway, he was ready to give me some hormone replacement therapy but I stopped him and reminded him about my TIAs that I was having in the fall.  So he said not to take estrogen, but to take Black Cohosh over the counter.  And to call him if that wasn’t enough.  Well, since his office is an hour from home and it’s a pain in the rear to get there, I just smiled and said, “OK” and walked out, knowing that I was going to call my family doc for anything and everything I’ll need.

Went to lunch afterwards (Wendy’s) and then headed home.  Stopped off at my family doc’s office for my B-12 shot and to make an appointment to see her next week regarding HRT and my options.

Came home after picking up ds at my mom’s and then crashed on the couch for about an hour.  Man, was I tired!  The gynecologist said that this fatigue will last quite a while.  He wasn’t kidding.

Fixed dinner, then the guys went to Lowe’s and here I sit.  Exhausted again!

Tomorrow and Friday are 8-hour workdays.  Jeepers!  I know I’ll be tired again.  Thankfully, Thursdays are pretty slow at work, but Friday will be busy.

Tonight we are supposed to get the telescope out and peek at the stars.  Hope I can stay awake long enough to join the fun LOL

~ Patty


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