Happy Monday!

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Wow, what a busy day this has been.

Woke up early and delivered posters for the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks blood drive next week.  Then we went to the library downtown and I typed up a news release for the blood drive and emailed that to the local newspaper.  Afterwards, went to the bank and got money out for the week and ran to Walmart and then to Subway for lunch.  Then went to my mom’s so that Daniel could mow her yard.  That took four hours (it should have only taken maybe two).  After that, I needed to go pee in a cup at the doctor’s office because I thought I had a bladder infection or UTI.  Well, that came back clear so I must have a yeast infection – so back to Walmart and finally home.  We (Daniel and I) ordered a delivery pizza since Ron is working late again.  We ate downstairs – a treat, since we never do that! and watched MTV (believe it or not), a show about “16 and Pregnant” which brought up a LOT of discussion with my 10-year old (I’m NOT ready for this, but obviously he’s curious, so I must be ready LOL).


Now I’ve loaded the dishwasher and am drinking cranberry juice again even though I don’t have a bladder infection or a UTI.  It just tastes good!  It’s low sugar, low carb, from Ocean Spray and it doesn’t make me dump or make me jittery.  It just tastes good!  And believe me, to find a JUICE that is low sugar, low carb that doesn’t make me dump or act jittery is a Very Good Thing!

I’m going to have to see if Walmart sells it in small bottles so I can take them to work.

Oh and even though it’s not even 7:00 p.m., I’m in my jammies and wearing my pink fuzzy slippers.

Tonight I’m going to bed early!

Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY day at work.  We’re having one of our librarians come over for a Reptile party of sorts.  Roxanne loves reptiles, no-legged ones and legged ones alike.  She’s bringing some with her and then she will discuss them with the children (both groups, young ones and the teens) and then they’ll do a writing exercise.  Sounds like it’s going to be great!

Ta ta for now!

~ Patty


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