Sitting here munching on a chocolate mint cookie… yum!

July 24, 2009 at 8:04 pm | Posted in I'm a Foodie!, Port Aransas Vacation 2009, San Antonio Vacation 2009, Work | Leave a comment

I love cookies.


Yeah, I’ve lost 102 pounds and I still have an occasional cookie. Especially if there’s chocolate and mint involved LOL

Today is Friday and I worked all day. Also I work tomorrow for four hours. Then I work three days next week and then we go on VACATION! Wheeeeeeee! Time to start making my lists of things to pack. I’m obsessed with lists. Because I know that if I don’t MAKE one, I’ll forget half of what I’m supposed to pack. And in this family, I am the one who packs. We’ll be gone for 8 days so that’s a lot of clothes and stuff. Of course, my hubby says we should do laundry while we’re there so we don’t have to pack too many things, but HEY, it’s VACATION and since I’m the laundress, I REFUSE to do laundry on VACATION!

Who the heck does laundry on vacation?

Not me! If he wants laundry done, I’ll hand him a few quarters and send him on his merry way LOL

Anyway, it’s been a good week and thankfully it’s almost over.

The new movie, G-FORCE, started today. We’ll probably go see it. Maybe tomorrow?

Dinner was alright…some kind of creamy chicken stuff I found at ALLRECIPES. It was pretty basic and boring and of course, Daniel ate it up. Both Ron and I agreed that it needed something more…like mushrooms and seasoning. Of course if it had mushrooms and seasonings, Daniel wouldn’t have eaten any of it LOL

Anyway, that’s about it for me for now.

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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