Two more days to go!

July 29, 2009 at 7:03 pm | Posted in I'm a Foodie!, Port Aransas Vacation 2009, San Antonio Vacation 2009, Tween | Leave a comment

Can you tell that I’m ready for vacation? I can!

Tonight for dinner I made enchiladas for the very first time. Ron really liked them…I lost count of how many he had. Me, I had three along with some rice and beans. Daniel thought they were too spicy. Even though I used the mildest enchilada sauce I could find, they were too spicy for him. It’s tough to find food that he and my husband will agree on sometimes and sometimes I get so frustrated. But then I remember that he’s only ten and has different taste-buds than a grown-up.

One night, about two months ago, we sat down for dinner and he (Daniel) totally got upset about it and complained and complained. Know what I did? Got up and walked away in tears. Went to the bedroom and shut the door and cried. It surprised me and it totally surprised Ron and Daniel. I typically don’t respond that way, but oh, boy, that night was just too much. It gets tiring trying to come up with healthy and nutritious meals for everyone. So I fell apart that night…eventually Daniel came to me and apologized. And thankfully it hasn’t happened again LOL

So tomorrow I will fry cod and make macaroni and cheese. Daniel loves fried fish, but only cod for some odd reason. I’ve made other types of fish and he always asks, “Is this cod?” before he’ll take a bite. Once we fibbed to him and said “Yep” even though it was flounder. He ate it anyway and loved it. But tomorrow it’s definitely cod. I have enough cheddar cheese left over from the enchiladas so that I can make homemade macaroni and cheese.

Is it Saturday yet?

~ Patty


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