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August 26, 2009 at 6:46 pm | Posted in Mammogram, School!, Sick! | Leave a comment

This has been a long day. First thing this morning, I had to drive an hour to the city to get a mammogram. FUN! Of course, while I’m sitting there waiting, I realize that it was six years ago August 10th that my best girlfriend died from breast cancer. So I’m sitting there trying not to cry in front of everyone in the waiting room…sigh. It’s still so hard, I still miss her so much. So I don’t complain about the mammogram because it can’t be as bad as what Doris went through the 15 months she was so horribly sick.

Oh and I forgot that Daniel’s teacher phoned me to let me know he was glad that I signed up to be Room Mother for the 5th grade and that he was concerned because Daniel didn’t complete last night’s homework assignment, that he sure hoped this wasn’t going to be a continuing problem and to please call him back to discuss this…sigh. I called him back and left word that I could and would come in and visit with him after school, but never heard back from him. Tomorrow morning when I drop off my child, I’ll see if the teacher has a few moments.

Went in for our injections (Daniel: allergy and me: B-12 and depo provera). I needed my depo provera because I’ve been having HORRID hot flashes at night again. Wednesday night I woke up dripping sweat. It felt like I had ran a marathon…I almost got up and changed the sheets and my pajamas but was too hot and tired. I love menopause!

Fixed dinner…didn’t each much because my stomach hasn’t been feeling 100% for the past couple of days. Even the nurse told us there was something going around; the doctor has been out of the office for the past couple of days because she’s been sick. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow morning; if not, I’m calling in sick. I don’t get sick days but it’s no biggie. Thursdays are generally slow at work.

Okay, there’s my big post for the day LOL

Hasta luego!

~ Patty


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