Sunday night…what a weekend!

August 30, 2009 at 6:07 pm | Posted in Sick! | Leave a comment

Well, I had tummy problems last week, and thankfully they went away. Last night we were babysitting the neighbor children (ages 11 and almost-3) when Daniel fell apart. His eyes were glassy and his cheeks were bright red. Fever was 102.3* so I gave him Motrin and put him to bed. He slept for an hour, then woke up complaining that his bones hurt. Sat with him a while, then he fell back to sleep until around 4:00 when he joined me in bed (poor dad had to go to the guest room). Then at 5:20 he woke up, throwing up. Thankfully that didn’t last long…maybe 15 minutes? He crawled back into bed and immediately fell asleep. Not me, I lay there watching him and worrying and praying.

He slept until 8:00 and woke up feeling better. Fever was 100.5* but I didn’t give him anything; decided to let his body fight it itself. No more throwing up. I went to church by myself. Brought him home McDonald’s (he ate two hamburgers and some root beer) and checked his temp: it was 99.8* so that was good. Just before dinner, checked it again, it was 99.5* so I think the worst is over. He didn’t eat much dinner; just nibbled and drank some Sprite.

Hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning. I have a meeting to go to at 8:30 and promised to check in with the school secretary when my meeting is over. Told him to have her call his dad at work in case he needs anything.


And I needed a nap today, so after I got his lunch and fed myself (leftover spaghetti from last night – yum!) I snoozed on the couch for an hour. Now I’ve cleaned up the dinner dishes and loaded the dishwasher and am DONE for the night.

I hope!

~ Patty


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