wow, another post…2 days in a row…wow!

September 28, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Posted in School!, Sick! | Leave a comment

Today my son stayed home sick with a cough and congested nose. No fever, thankfully. Just in case (since I just got over the flu), I called his allergist for support. He said to increase his Veramyst nose spray and to give him Sudafed. I had to go to the pharmacy for the Sudafed and give them my driver’s license to buy it; maybe they’re worried I’d make meth with it? Seems like that’s what people down here do with it.

Anyway, I hope he’ll be fine to go to school tomorrow. I missed work last Tuesday and don’t get sick days. And it’s not good for him to miss school!

Tomorrow is picture day at school. I have to find that envelope they sent home a few weeks ago. Why do they send envelopes home weeks in advance? Don’t they know my kitchen is a disaster and that by now the envelope is buried under other paperwork?!?

Oh well.

~ Patty


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