Trout, anyone?

September 10, 2010 at 10:21 pm | Posted in Cancer, Gone Fishin', Vacation | Leave a comment

Well my fishermen are back home!

And they caught four fish but only brought home four. One got away. Hmmmmm, I’ve heard of that, the “one that got away” LOL

I’ve been checking out Westgate Resorts because they called the other night; seems that a few months back, I signed up for a weekend and what do you know? I get a stay at one of their resorts (with my family of course) and the chance to sit through a 45-90 minute spiel about owning a vacation home in one of their resorts.

The night they called, we decided to tell them that it’d be great to go to the Wisconsin Dells but since then, we’re leaning towards Gaitlinburg, TN. I managed to find them at their Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort website and it looks mighty fine! They’ve got an indoor water park that would be great to play in.

We had been thinking of going in April when Daniel gets spring break but then Ron mentioned the night before that maybe we should go sooner. He’s not feeling well and is concerned that it’s going to get harder for him to enjoy himself, so maybe we should go for Christmas. Christmas in the mountains sounds very very nice.

I’m going to show him and Daniel the website and see what they think.

Cancer sucks.

Please, God, remind me to stay in TODAY and not start fretting over the future. Hopefully we can manage a trip to the mountains for Christmas. Daniel has never seen real mountains, just the little ones south of here, in Arkansas.

~ Patty


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