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Exhausted on a Friday Night

What a week. I’m still not feeling 100% even though I’ve been on my second antibiotic since Tuesday. It made me so nauseated the first day so I got some of that acidophilus (did I spell that right?) and am taking it twice a day with the antibiotic.

Worked hard today! It wasn’t very busy but I found stuff to keep myself occupied When I got home my feet were killing me and I had a headache and so I begged to be taken out for dinner. Yay! We went out. I had BBQ ribs, Ron had a chef salad and Daniel had a pork tenderloin sandwich.

Tomorrow we’re going to Roaring River. Starting at 9:00 a.m., they’re having clean-up day and it lasts until 1:00 and they’re serving a free lunch to those who help. I’m sure it’s not a big to-do (the lunch) but considering the fact that we spend pretty much every weekend there fishing, we have a responsibility to go help keep the park clean.

After we help clean, we’re going to fish a while. The guys went today and only Ron caught something; it was so small, he tossed it back.

I have to make a reservation for the remainder of our Thanksgiving vacation in the Smoky Mountains. We get two nights at the resort for nothing, but we want to stay a couple of extra nights. Ron has points through Holiday Inn and hopefully one of the nights will be free. Oh and we’re staying at a Bluegreen Resort, NOT a Westgate Resort. Gee, did I get tangled up LOL

I just discovered on Twitter that the POPE has his own Twitter. I’m going to follow him! How cool is that?


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