A Busy Day!

September 30, 2010 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Busy, Busy!, Rifle Range | Leave a comment

What a busy day. It’s my day off, but I was busy. First thing I did after waking and showering and dressing was toss a load into the washer. Then, after I dropped Daniel off at school I went to the bank for my weekly grocery money and then to Walmart. Once I got to Walmart, I handed over the cash and my Walmart Card and asked her to put the usual $250 on. Miss Pauline counted the money and announced that I was $50 short! So I immediately called the bank and they said that the teller would have to balance her drawer and they’d call me back. I never double-check the amount when I’m still at the drive-thru – but I think that from now on I will LOL

Anyway, they finally called back and said that yes, she was $50 over and if I could come back (like I wasn’t going to?), that they’d give me my $50. So I drove back to the bank and then returned to Walmart.

Then I ran to the post office and to the library and finally got home around 10:30.


Tossed the wet clothes into the dryer and more into the washer and headed back upstairs. My hubby had his eye on a gun he spotted at the pawn shop in Cassville, so we ended up going there and he purchased it, using his other gun as a trade in. Then, of course, he wanted to go try the new gun…but first he took me to lunch at the Italian restaurant in Cassville. YUM!

While he practiced at the shooting range, I sat in the car with my iced tea and a chocolate cookie from the Italian restaurant. YUM again!

He said he wanted to shoot for an hour but it didn’t seem like an hour (it’s a good book!) and so then we came home. It was almost 3:00 by then. I called our vet to take our younger cat for his shots and made an appointment at 4:15.

A bit after 3:00 he went to pick up Daniel. When they came home, Daniel helped me catch Stripey and we took off to the vet. Poor kitty got a shot! But Dr. T said he was very healthy so we’re happy about that.

Then we came home, Daniel ran out to play and Ron was napping so I fixed dinner. Italian chicken. What – is this Italian day or something? I just realized I had Italian for lunch AND for dinner LOL The chicken was great…recipe in the next post for those who are interested.

And after dinner, we three cleaned the kitchen.


Am I tired? YES!

~ Patty


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