My little DITL…warning, it’s Boring! LOL

February 7, 2011 at 3:08 pm | Posted in Day in the Life | Leave a comment

6:30 woke up, showered, got dressed
7:00 woke Daniel up, got him dressed and ready for school
7:20 waited for the school bus with Daniel and neighbor girl
7:45 bus showed up, late, streets are still messy
7:50 left for Springfield
8:15 decided to stop at Walmart in Aurora for few bargains – they had sweats for $2.50
9:30 arrived in Springfield for appointment
9:35 slipped and slid through the parking lot, it was a sheet of ice
9:40 helped delivery guy open the doors; he had tons of copy paper to deliver to 5th floor
9:42 arrived in psychiatrist’s office, paid my co-pay and sat to wait for him
9:46 hello! back for a nice visit
10:00 set up next appointment, see you in two months
10:20 arrive at Bed, Bath & Beyond to purchase cappucino cup set for hubby
11:00 paid for goodies, time to eat, I hadn’t eaten all morning
11:20 Waffle House! I love breakfast at Waffle House
12:15 time to head home
1:15 arrive at beauty salon – got my hair straightened (!) and cut -LOVE IT!
2:30 over to the library to grab some books
3:00 HOME!

Since then I’ve just been reading and hanging out………..

Tonight Daniel has basketball practice at Upward, then I’m fixing burgers for supper.

Yeah, I’m boring, but that’s OK!

~ Patty


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