So excited about our FUTURE new family member!

February 20, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Posted in Facebook Friends, German Shepherd Puppy, Hobby's Purebred Pets | Leave a comment

We went out to Wentworth yesterday to meet with Staci and Vance and to view their kennel operation. We were both impressed with the cleanliness and organization and with both Staci and Vance and their animals. Especially BEAR, the huge German Shepherd who guards them! Bear is just a gorgeous boy and I fell in love with him on sight, even though he continued to bark at me whenever he saw me LOL

Vance took us around to meet all of the male German Shepherds, including the sire (Boone) of the litter we’re adopting from. Our last stop was the females; one is expecting next week and there were a couple others in addition to our mama (Askia) with her litter. This is Askia’s first litter and she was very very protective so we couldn’t get too close, and Vance had to distract her so that Staci could open the top of the nesting box where the babies were.

They were born on February 4 and their eyes are still closed; they were just tiny bundles of black fur with tiny tan markings. They squeaked a bit – oh so sweet! I wish we could have picked them up and held them but that could have stressed them out too much – plus we didn’t want to upset Askia. We put down a deposit and plan on returning in 2-3 weeks to start “meeting” the puppies in order to make the best choice for our family. Staci has promised to help us; by getting to know us and knowing her puppies, she can help us choose the right girl.

Staci will probably be posting pics of the pups as they mature! Their website is and I’ll be visiting often to look for PUPPIES!

I love Facebook, too, because Staci and I have Friended each other and we can keep up with everything that way, too.

Technology ROCKS!

and so do PUPPIES!

~ Patty


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