Today seems like a better day

February 24, 2011 at 2:53 pm | Posted in Cancer, Dental Appointment, I Love the Lord, I'm a Foodie!, Library Fun, Upward Basketball | Leave a comment

It helps that I’ve prayed a LOT over the past 24 hours. Some days/nights I can’t even pray and I don’t even know if God is there….that’s how scared I’ve been lately.

This morning, Daniel had a dental appointment so we went to Springfield to get his cavity fixed; then he needed breakfast so we stopped at McDonald’s. Then I delivered him to school (he made it to 2nd period, so that’s good) then I went to the Purdy library to deliver Roxanne’s alligator back to her. Of course we visited for about 45 minutes.

Then I went to the Monett library because they had a book for me; I checked my e-mail while I was there. Then I skedaddled over to the bank for grocery money/gas money for next week.

Lunch at mom’s. Oh ya, she made posole! I love love love posole. It was SO good!

Then to Walmart for a couple of things, then go get gas. It cost $57 to fill my tank. WOW!

Finally home. Ron had a rough night, he couldn’t sleep and was up until 5:30. He rested until around 9:00 and is resting right now. He finally ate something besides bananas and pudding; scrambled eggs. I offered him all kinds of food but he wasn’t hungry right now. Hopefully he’ll want dinner.

I doubt he comes tonight to the Upward basketball final party. Hopefully, Daniel will understand.

~ Patty

God is good.


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