Oh, it looks like 2012!

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Hello, April!  I’ve been rather indisposed this year and haven’t posted since before Thanksgiving.

The year started out well, but then lots happened at the end of January and I was out of order during February and March and am just now beginning to get back to “normal”

January 31:  took the puppy out for her morning walk, nothing unusual happened until she saw the neighbor dogs and they barked at her.  I told her to “wait” and she usually does, but not this morning.  She took one look back at me, then tore off towards the dogs.  I felt a really horrible SNAP in my left hand and hit the ground, knees first.  By the time I caught up with her, I was in agony.  Turns out my left pinky finger was BROKEN and the one next to it was pretty sore, along with the others.  My family doctor sent me for an x-ray, confirmed that it was broken and sent me to an orthopedist.  He sent me to an occupational therapist, who created a brace for me.

Well, then on February 8, my surgery was scheduled, so there I went, up to the hospital with my left hand in a brace.  They wouldn’t let me keep it on during surgery, so Ron took it home.  I ended up not wearing it again.

Surgery was tough.  The neurosurgeon only expected to have to separate three vertebrae and put a spacer in between them and then of course, the rod and screws.  BUT when he opened up my back (that sounds horrible, but the worst is yet to come LOL), my vertebrae were CALCIFIED together, so he had to DRILL the vertebrae apart.

That meant FOUR days in the neurological ICU plus two blood transfusions plus an extra drain since I was leaking spinal fluid (serious) and I had to lay flat on my back to prevent the serious headache that happens when you leak spinal fluid.  Sorry to say, laying flat didn’t help much.  The headache was astronomically huge.  The first night all I wanted to do (and did) was cry.  The second day wasn’t much fun either.  Nor the third or fourth.

Finally on the 8th day, the hospital sent me to the Monett hospital for rehab.  I had to learn how to roll, sit up and walk.  I was on huge doses of pain pills, which constipated me for two weeks, which….oh, you DON’T want to know what happened there…..

I was there almost a month.  Finally, on March 1, the second hospital sent me home.  I’m still doing physical therapy, three times a week.  I have another month still.

The worst news of all, the library didn’t hold my job for me.  Since my job was part-time, 24 hours a week, I didn’t qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act.  So I’m unemployed.

Oh, well.  God will provide.  He always does……………


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