Beautiful Day in the Ozarks

October 3, 2012 at 1:56 pm | Posted in Dog: Schatzi's Shadow | Leave a comment

What a gorgeous day!  It’s a bit warmer than yesterday, though.  It’s much nicer than the 100s that we had to suffer through this summer. I wonder if we’re going to catch up on our rain?  They (weather people) say that this was the worst drought in history.  We’ll probably be paying for it next summer when we go to the grocery store.

My husband put up an electric fence for our German Shepherd on Monday.  Yesterday, Shadow learned how to open the door.  I was sitting here at the computer when I suddenly heard her toenails and pretty quickly, she was here at my side, wagging her tail to beat the band!  I asked her how she got in, but she didn’t tell me.  I walked her back out and sure enough, when I watched her, saw her jump at the door and hit the handle.  This time, she decided it would be fun to chase our two cats, so the three of them raced down the hallway.

Once again, I put her out and within five minutes, here she was again.  I didn’t want to do it but I chained her up and decided that when hubby woke up, he’d need to fix the back patio door.  We typically don’t lock it, so it needed WD40 and some adjustment.  He fixed it this morning so it locks.  Poor Shadow, she’s stuck outside again.

She learned pretty quickly to avoid the electric fence.  It’s WiFi, can you believe it?  I was glad because my husband doesn’t need to be trying to dig trenches in the yard.  It covers half an acre which gives her plenty of running space; we live on three acres.

Tonight is PSR.  Daniel is in school until 4 pm, with the Academic Team.  We’re so proud of him!  A few years back, he was really struggling in school, which is understandable.  It’s not easy for a young person to deal with his father’s terminal illness.  Last year in 7th grade he really matured.

Tonight for supper, we’re having breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, sausage links and muffins.  Unless, of course, Ron doesn’t want breakfast. In which case, we’ll go out.  No problem!


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