Sweet Tea

October 4, 2012 at 8:34 pm | Posted in My Own Creation | 1 Comment

The South is famous for its sweet tea.  I love tea and I love sweets but sweets don’t love me very much anymore since I had my gastric bypass surgery.  Too much sugar and I dump (warning:  you may not really want to know what dumping means…so don’t follow the link unless you truly want to know).  Along with that problem, both my husband and I are diabetics.

Back to the tea:  my husband and I love sweet tea but as I said earlier, I watch the sugar.  Here’s how I fixed some this morning:

Fill a 2-quart sauce pan with COLD water and added 1/2 cup sugar.  If you like sugar and aren’t diabetic or in danger of dumping, you can add more.

Fill 2-gallon pitcher with ice.

Bring the sugar and water mixture to a full, rolling boil.  I use a spatula to stir the sugar to be certain that it all dissolves.

After the water boils like crazy, turn off the burner.  Add three Luzianne family size iced tea bags; this is the best iced tea, IMO.

Let the tea bags steep for about 8-10 minutes.

Drain the tea bags and dispose of them.  Some people squeeze the tea bags into the pot.  For some reason, I don’t do this.  I know it might be weird, but it strikes me as weird to squeeze them.  Do whatever floats your boat LOL

Stir the bottom of the pot again, just in case the sugar didn’t all get dissolved.

Pour the tea into the ice-filled pitcher.  Don’t put into the refrigerator immediately – I’ve learned that if I do that, the tea becomes cloudy.  Let it set out for about 30 minutes.

See how much of the ice melted?  It’s good to drink now!  We love lemon in our iced tea and if I remember, I grab fresh mint leaves at the grocery store.  I also grow mint during the summer so that it can be added to the tea.

mine, mine, mine!


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  1. Yum! That looks really good! I have never had sweet iced taa before, I don’t think it’s “a thing” in New Zealand. 😦
    Dropping by from the blog hop. 🙂

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