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Last night was the absolute pits!

I subbed yesterday in a 1st grade classroom and felt fine.  Oops, let me back up to Sunday:  during Mass, I got nauseated and dizzy and had to leave early.  Sunday night I felt better and Monday was much better, so when I got the call Monday night to sub on Tuesday, I said yes.

Tuesday in school was fun.  I was busy with the children and felt good.

Came home around 3:45 and was chattering to my husband about my day when suddenly, I started to sweat and got very, very dizzy.  The room was spinning and I had to close my eyes to keep from falling off the couch.  He helped me to our son’s bedroom and turned on the fan to cool me off.

Next thing I knew, I had to race into the bathroom.  Hard to race into the bathroom when you’re dizzy but I managed.  After tossing my cookies, I stumbled back to the bed with hubby’s help.  Not even five minutes later, there I went again.  This happened a few times; I’ve lost track.

The last time, I remember almost falling down and then I started to cry.  My husband has a bad leg; it’s from the radiation therapy he received, so I knew it was hurting him to help drag me around.  I finally got to the bed and told him that I was afraid it was pancreatitis (had it for a week in May) and that I needed to go to the hospital.  He tried, bless his heart, to get me up and to the car but I was so dizzy and scared that I’d knock him down, so I finally told him to call an ambulance.

He had to round up the cats and put them in the spare room; he couldn’t get Stripey, but thankfully Stripey hid and didn’t try to go out the front door when the ambulance arrived.  I remember one EMT talking to me, asking me what was going on.  I was dripping sweat and my nose was runny and the room wouldn’t stop spinning, so they walked me out to the ambulance bed.

On the way to the hospital, they put in an IV and those patches that check your heart rate; one EMT kept asking me if I had any cardiac problems, that I remember.  I don’t remember much else, besides asking if Ron was coming.  I kept trying to throw up in one of those little baggies…yuck.

At the hospital, the nurses stripped me and put me into a gown.  Then I started throwing up again.  They put the blood pressure cuff on me and took my temp when it was safe…they didn’t believe the reading, so they took it under my arm but still didn’t believe the reading…well, you can guess where the thermometer went next…after three tries my temperature kept coming to 95.4 degrees.

Someone ran out of the room and got an inflatable blanket that warmed me up.  My teeth were chattering.  I started getting hot and pushed the blanket off; I’m not sure how much time had passed but when they took my temp it was only 95.7 degrees.  My blood pressure was fine.  Not sure why my temp was so low?

The lab came and drew blood, the nurse gave me some meds for the nausea and the pain in my gut and finally the doctor came in.  My husband told him we thought it was pancreatitis so that’s what they were going to check for.  Well, the labs came back normal.  I was still dizzy so the doctor did a neurological exam and looked into my eyes and said I had “vertigo” which is an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  He was puzzled over my temperature, too.  The weather outside was nice, not too cool and I surely hadn’t been locked in a freezer, so why was I registering so low?

The nurse gave me something in the IV for the vertigo and eventually they sent me home.  I think it was around 9:00 when we left.  Stopped at the drive-thru for a plain hamburger and went home and fell into bed.

Daniel spent the night at my mom’s and so this morning, hubby woke up to go over with clean clothes and to take him to school.

I got out of bed around 11 am and showered, fed the cats and feel better.  A bit woozy.  The doc last night gave me a prescription for the vertigo (I keep seeing Alfred Hitchcock) but I decided to call my family doc to see her and find out what’s up.  Maybe it’s an inner ear infection?  The ER doc barely looked at me last night.  I have an appointment to see my family doc at 3 pm.

It’s never boring around here.


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