Wow, that was unexpected!

October 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm | Posted in Medical Appointment, Ulcers?, Weight Loss Surgery | 2 Comments

So, I’ve been expecting a phone call from a nurse at Missouri Bariatrics, which is where I had my gastric bypass surgery in June, 2008.  I’ve been having issues for the past few years (yes, years!) and finally, after seeing a gastroenterologist in Springfield, who sent me to another gastroenterologist in St. Louis, my husband said, “Why don’t you contact the doctor who did your surgery?  He probably knows better than anyone what’s going on inside of you and how to figure it out?”  DUH!

I drove myself up to see Dr. Suttmoeller last month and he asked me why I didn’t come right up when the problems started.  DUH!  He wants Dr. de la Torre (my original surgeon) to do an upper endoscopy.  Dr. Sutmoeller told me that the nurse (Natalie) would be calling me to set it up.

Today, Natalie called and wanted to set up the procedure, which will take place at the University Hospital.  She offered me October 16, October 22 and one other date.  I checked my calendar and hubby and I are swamped on October 22, so I said I would take October 16 and she proceeded to tell me a few details and ask a few questions.  It was only after I hung up the phone that I realized that October 16 is NEXT TUESDAY.

Oh, wow.

I immediately called my mom to make sure she could go up with me and she said yes.  Then I rushed back to the computer to get a room at my favorite Columbia hotel, Stoney Creek.  Thankfully, I got a room.  Everything is set.

We’re leaving Monday morning and will check in that afternoon; I’m not allowed to eat anything after midnight.  We’ll take a taxi on Tuesday morning to the hospital so that we get there by 8:00 am to check in for the 9:00 am procedure.  Then afterwards, we’ll take a taxi back to the hotel.  My mom doesn’t drive in big cities.  She’s going because I can’t do this alone and the drive/ride would be too much for my hubby.  Mom will keep me company.  We’ll stay over Tuesday night because I can’t drive for 24 hours and then we’ll check out of the hotel and leave on Wednesday morning.

It’s a four-hour trip.  I’ve done it so many times I could do it almost blind-folded.  Almost.  Hubby and I made a LOT of trips before surgery, then the three of us went up when I had my surgery, then there were a LOT of post-op visits.  Hopefully, Dr. de la Torre will get a good look inside my pouch and figure out why I’ve been having so many problems.  The doc in St. Louis thinks I’ve got ulcers; it wasn’t until after seeing Dr. Suttmoeller last month that I remembered how they warned us that we were at risk for ulcers.

So, Natalie’s call was expected but how SOON we get to go to University Hospital, that was unexpected!



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  1. Best wishes for your drive up there and the procedure. You’re in my thoughts.

    • Thank you, Nicole! I appreciate it.

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