Off to Columbia!

October 15, 2012 at 7:46 am | Posted in Doctor Appointment, Road Trip! | Leave a comment

I’m leaving home around 9 am to pick up my mom and then we’ll head out to Columbia.  It’s a four-hour drive and we’ll probably stop for lunch…I’m guessing Dowd’s Catfish & BBQ!  Me, I love catfish and could eat it every day.  They also have BBQ ribs, which my mom loves.  There used to be a Dowd’s Catfish House in Neosho, but they left town.  Lucky for me, it’s in Lebanon, which is on the way to Columbia.

I’m leaving the laptop at home in case the teen boy needs it for homework, so I won’t be back until late Wednesday.  Typically on Wednesday, I teach PSR at church to the 7th graders.  This week, though, there’s a field trip to the Corn Maize and Daniel and I have opted out.  I’m a big chicken LOL

Check out time at the hotel is NOON so we don’t have to wake up and race home, especially since there’s no PSR at 7 pm.  That doesn’t mean I want to goof off all day in Columbia or on the drive home, it just means that we can relax and not rush.  As long as we’re home for supper, I’ll be happy.

I would appreciate prayers, that Dr. de la Torre can scope me and find out what’s up.

Hasta luego!


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