Ham & Buttered Parsley Potatoes

October 18, 2012 at 6:37 pm | Posted in Ham, Main Dish, Potatoes, Side Dish | Leave a comment

Tonight I fixed a ham steak and buttered potatoes with peas, corn and crescent rolls.  Very simple!

Here’s the ham details:


1 one-pound ham steak, fully cooked

1 6 oz. can of pineapple slices

maraschino cherries

Place ham slice (including its liquid) in pan large enough to hold it, top with pineapple slices and juice and as many cherries as you want.  Let warm on medium-high heat for five minutes; turn over for five more.


1 potato per person (plus one for the pot), peeled and diced

water, enough to cover diced potatoes

1 tbsp. salt per potato

1 tbsp. butter per potato

1 tsp. dried parsley per potato

Boil potatoes for approximately twenty minutes, checking with fork to see if they’re soft but not mushy.

 Drain in colander; transfer to bowl.  Add butter and parsley, gently stir.  Serve hot.

Here’s everything, hot and ready to go:


The ham steak was already “brown sugar” flavored, so I didn’t need to add anything besides the pineapple and cherries.  Some ham steaks are “plain” so it’s fun to add brown sugar or peach preserves or apricot preserves.  Be creative!  I’ve even used cherry preserves.


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