Pretty Good Day Today

October 18, 2012 at 7:49 pm | Posted in Birthday, Busy, Busy!, Veteran's Administrtion | Leave a comment

It’s been a pretty good day. My mom called me last night and wanted me to take her and her broken car into the shop in order to get an estimate and hopefully get the window fixed. I wasn’t sure why she needed me; when I dropped her off at her house last night, she told me that the guys that run the car fix-it shop would pick her car up themselves.  This morning she called and said “Never mind” and I almost lost my temper, but I didn’t.  It didn’t take long to follow her over, write up the paperwork and take her home *sigh

Then I had to run to the VA in Mount Vernon for Ron’s medicine.  They were supposed to ship it out today but he needed it TODAY because he was in a LOT of pain.  I went up to the window with his ID card and my driver’s license.  The gal at the window looked at both, then she said I had to go to the other pharmacy window first.  I tell you what, going through the VA system is really helping us save money but to figure out which hoop to jump through first can be frustrating.

I went to the first window, gave the pharmacist the information and both cards, then he said to go wait.  What?  When I called earlier they said it was ready to mail, that all I had to do was pick it up.  I sat.  Waited and waited.  I waited almost 20 minutes before they called his name.  Then I went to the window where the same gal was waiting; she asked to see my ID and Ron’s ID again and then I had to electronically sign for the meds.  Then, finally, she gave them to me.

Ran to the library to drop off some books that I couldn’t renew and to grab a couple more.  Then, off to the store to buy some groceries.  Being out of town for three days threw me off schedule.  Tonight I made a ham steak; tomorrow Ron has an appointment in Springfield so we’ll eat supper there and Daniel will be with my mom.  I think Daniel wants to spend the night with her; I need to remind him to call her and ask tonight.

Saturday?  I think I’ll make chicken and rice.  For Sunday’s supper, I purchased a corned beef and some red potatoes to toss into the crock pot.  Monday, both Ron and I have appointments all day in Springfield, so again, we’ll eat supper there and Daniel will be with his grammy.  Tuesday we can have leftover corned beef (if there is any!).  Wednesday, hmmm, we can have some kind of chicken.  Maybe I’ll make oven-fried chicken tenders with some smashed potatoes.  I really need to get my handy-dandy blue notebook out and write all this out and think about what I’m doing.  Thursday I can fix the smoked sausage and cheesy potatoes that they both liked from a couple of weeks ago.  Friday?  Maybe fish?  I haven’t made tilapia or cod for a while.  I need to find my notebook, ha!

Oh and my birthday is Monday.  Mom asked me what we were doing for my birthday; we always go out to celebrate.  I have no idea how Ron will feel, so it’s hard to plan.  Tonight he felt really hungry for the first time in WEEKS so he ate really well.  His chemo makes him so fatigued and wrecks his appetite.  Mom mentioned going to Lambert’s but that would mean ANOTHER trip out of town, so we’ll see.  I’d love to go there.


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