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Well, we got home yesterday around 3:30. After dropping my mom off at her place, I drove to pick up my son after school. Went home, kissed hubby, hugged my kitties and played with my German Shepherd and plopped onto the couch. Since I had no energy, we went out for Chinese.

Came home and hubby needed a nap.  Teen son went to watch television downstairs so I came and took care of 133 pieces of email, with 1oo pieces of it being junk.

Then my mom called and asked me to come over first thing this morning to take her car into the shop.  When we were leaving town on Monday, the driver’s side window went down – on its own – and I couldn’t get it to roll back up.  Silly electronic thing!  Hopefully it won’t cost hundreds of dollars for her to get it repaired.

So, I just wanted to let my little corner of the world know that I am home.

My return appointment to see Dr. de la Torre is October 31 at 10 am.

Joy.  Another LONG drive to Columbia.


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