Possible Surgery for Husband

October 21, 2012 at 1:35 pm | Posted in Aneurysm | Leave a comment

My husband had an aneurysm repair almost 20 years ago – January 20, 1993. In his latest CT scan of his abdomen, it showed up that he’s got problems that need addressing.  It’s either that the aneurysm is back and has grown or it’s something the surgeon called an aneurysm pocket.

We went to the thoracic surgeon and he was really, really nice. Ron’s original surgery was “open” and they cut him right down the middle and opened him all the way; he and I were so worried about the possibility of his having to go through that and wondering if he could survive surgery and how he’d recover, considering his cancer.

Well, the surgeon  told us that they don’t “open” patients anymore! It’s done with two tiny cuts and he goes home the next day! OMGosh, I remember directly after surgery, going into the ICU and seeing Ron hooked up to so many machines; he was pale and it took weeks for him to recover, physically and emotionally.

The surgeon ordered another CT scan, so he can see exactly what we’re facing. We are trying to remember where the surgery was – we think it was at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL – but we aren’t positive. And we sure don’t remember the surgeon’s name. Ron will call the hospital on Monday to see if they have record of him. We’re pretty sure it was there…

What a relief, to know that if he needs this repair, it won’t be traumatic…as traumatic as the one in 1993.

Daniel has been talking more and more about his dad’s cancer and even told one of the adults at his after-school activity (recycling) about it. Her husband has cancer, too, and she came up to the car and talked to Ron on Tuesday night. I’m glad that Daniel is opening up about it. I think it really will help him to deal with things.  We told Daniel about the surgery possibility last night and he is concerned, of course.  He hasn’t said much yet but we’ve told him that when he’s ready, we’re here.

I’ve been keeping St. Peregrine busy – he’s the patron saint of cancer patients – so many prayers have been flying around lately!


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